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Egg White Pizza

March 21, 2015

Egg White Pizza

 Uggh, Family Pizza Night! It’s like your best friend and your worst enemy staring you in the face and taunting you.  You want to eat pizza because it’s delicious and smells so good, but you are trying so hard to be good because you know how you will feel after stuffing your face with it.  I must admit that pizza is one of my favorite foods, but I have a really hard time only eating 1 or even 2 pieces and stopping.  But for me anyway, I can’t just not eat it. I love it.  Anyway, my point to this pizza rant is that here is one alternative to getting your pizza fix when your kids are begging you to make pizza and you are dragging your feet because you have no will power left by Friday.  Yup, that’s me.  And at these macros, you might even be able to have two of these puppies.

Some of you might ask, isn’t this just like an omelette? Well, sure, if you want to take all the fun out of it.  It’s pretty much an open face egg white pizza flavored omelette.  There you go.  But for me, I call it pizza because it makes me feel better. šŸ™‚

First off, you will want to get all your toppings sliced and ready to go before you start cooking the eggs because this goes fast.  I just put my veggies on raw, but you could sautee them ahead of time if you want them more cooked, because they don’t spend much time cooking on the pizza itself. 

Once your toppings are all ready to throw on, heat your skillet to low-medium and give it a good coat of non stick spray.  This is important or you will just have pizza scrambled eggs.  (still delicious :))  When your pan is warm, pour your egg whites in and season them with salt and pepper or garlic salt and pepper, what ever you like.  Let them sit and cook until the eggs are starting to set and could be flipped over.

3-15-15 036


 Carefully flip it over like a pancake and take it off the heat. Quickly spread on your sauce and all the toppings you want.

3-15-15 037


 Cover with a lid, turn the heat down to low and put it back on the stove until all the cheese is melted, about 5 minutes or so.  

3-15-15 044

There you have it! Slide it off onto a plate, grab your fork, and eat pizza with your family!



Egg White Pizza
Serves 1
Macros: Calories 236; Fat 11; Carbs 5; Protein 28.
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  1. 9 T liquid egg whites (about 4 large egg whites)
  2. 2 T pizza sauce (I just used generic store bought)
  3. 1/3 C mozzarella cheese
  4. 1/2 serving turkey pepperoni
  5. 2-3 sliced muchrooms
  6. 1 serving black olives sliced
  7. 1/4 C sliced sweet pepper
  1. Slice mushrooms, olives, and peppers thin and have ready to go.
  2. Heat a medium sized non stick frying pan to medium heat and spray good with nonstick spray.
  3. When pan is warm, pour in egg whites and sprinkle some salt and pepper on. It's also good to sprinkle a little garlic salt in place of salt if you like.
  4. Let eggs cook until just starting to set. It needs to get to the point that you can flip the whole thing over without messing it up too much.
  5. When the eggs are ready carefully flip over in the pan and take off the heat while you quickly add the toppings on the cooked side like you would making a pizza.
  6. Turn the heat down to low, cover with a lid and put the pan back on the heat until the cheese is all melted.
  7. One option would be to sautee your veggies ahead of time of you want them more cooked. I like them still kind of crisp but warm, but it's all up to your preference.
  1. You could make this like an omelette if that ends up easier!
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