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Mango Lime Ice

  Let me introduce to you my most favorite fruit ever…. the Mango!  Ever since I served an LDS mission in Ecuador 15 years ago, I am head over heels for a good mango.  I would almost consider myself almost a mango snob if you will :).  In Ecuador, there were mango trees everywhere.  People […]

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Ginger Chipotle Steak Tacos

Just writing the title for this recipe makes my mouth water! So this weekend is finally supposed to be sunny and hot after many damp rainy ones.  I must admit that I don’t hate rainy days.  It just seems so cozy, but I do feel bad for my kids when they can’t get out and […]

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Black Bean Mango Salsa

  This quick and easy salsa has become a staple in our house.  Sadly, the kids know that if there is a mango in the house, no one is allowed to touch it because it already has a purpose. 🙂  I absolutely LOVE mangos! They are my favorite fruit for sure, but I am a […]

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