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Peach Blueberry Chicken Salad

I know this sounds cliche, but I’m pretty sure that this is the BEST salad I have ever tasted.  There, I said it.  And I mean it, too!  I love this flavor combination and the dressing is, well, amazing! Crunchy almonds and tangy blue cheese on top of sweet peaches and berries, with a tangy […]

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Balsamic Bacon Brussel Sprout Salad

One of my new favorite side dishes these days is brussel sprouts! And much to my dismay, my family does NOT like them.  Boo!  But Honerstly, that just means I get to eat more, AND have the left overs the next day.  So really in the end, it’s a win win.  🙂  I think they […]

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Peanut Broccoli Chicken Salad

If I ever go to a restaurant and see something that says Thai peanut chicken anything, that is usually what I will order.  I have fallen in love with Thai flavors.  Especially peanut Thai flavors.  I’m totally that mean mom that doesn’t care when my kids wine every time I say that we are having […]

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