Sweet and Spicy Breakfast Sandwich

June 6, 2015

Sweet and Spicy Breakfast Sandwich

So I made an awesome discovery the other day at the store.  You all probably already knew this, but I’m a little slow on the uptake.  I was buying cream cheese for my kids’ bagels and I saw a new kind of cream cheese that said “Greek Style” cream cheese.  My first thought was, “Oh sweet, it probably has more protein!” So I picked up the package and looked on the label and I was right, it did have more protein, about 60 calories in an ounce,  but it came with a heftier price also.  I noticed the fat free cream cheese and picked it up to look at it’s label.  I was quite surprised when I saw that it had the same amount of protein as the Greek but it only had 30 calories per ounce, and like the name says, no fat.  And not to mention, it was cheaper! I get excited about cheaper.  🙂  

So here is my new purchase, breakfast sandwich style and delicious.  🙂

Start off by cooking your egg whites omelette style so it cooks like a big pancake.  Sprinkle your chipotle powder on the eggs before you flip.  Yes that’s pepper, I took the picture accidentally before I added the chipotle.


While that’s cooking, mix your cream cheese and salsa.  You may have to mix for a bit to get all the lumps out.


Toast your bagel thin if you like, which I do so I always toast mine, and slice your avocado.  Once the eggs are all done cooking, I fold it over twice so it’s like a quad stack triangle if that makes sense, and set on one side of the bagel.  Spread your cream cheese on the other side.

Sweet and Spicy Breakfast Sandwich


Stack that puppy all together and enjoy your delicious and super healthy breakfast!!

Sweet and Spicy Breakfast Sandwich

Sweet and Spicy Breakfast Sandwich


Sweet and Spicy Breakfast Sandwich
Serves 1
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  1. 1/2 C egg whites (about 4 egg whites)
  2. 1 whole wheat bagel thin (I used Bubba's)
  3. 1 oz fat free cream cheese
  4. 1 T Pace peach mango salsa
  5. 1 oz sliced avocado
  6. dash chipotle powder
  1. Cook egg whites like an omelette or a big pancake. Sprinkle on chipotle powder before you flip.
  2. Mix salsa with cream cheese.
  3. Toast bagel if desired.
  4. Fold egg whites over in fourths when done and stack on bagel.
  5. Spread top of bagel with cream cheese, add avocado and enjoy!
  1. Macros: Calories 254; Fat 5.5; Carbs 27; Protein 22.3
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